Mercury and Autism

A couple of weeks ago, I came across probably the most horrifying article I’ve ever read – an investigative piece by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., about a mercury-based preservative (thimerosal) in kids’ vaccines that may well be linked to the autism epidemic that’s sweeping our country. Whether or not Kennedy ever decides to run for […]

‘Striper Wars’… They’ll never end

Interest in striped bass fishing is incredible. People pour into the hobby. The annual East Bay Angler January fishing seminar plays to full houses every year. That’s 600 people! Readers of these papers have seen that local striped bass fishing has never been better. Nevertheless, in the past several months, bright-eyed, sincere people have tried […]

Save the Menhaden

In my new book Striper Wars: An American Fish Story, I wrote: “If we want to preserve species, we can’t do so one by one; rather, we must look at the entire ecosystem of which they ᾢ and we ᾢ are a part.” The fight going on right now over a small, bony, inedible fish […]

Protecting the Gray Whale Nursery

“Yes, abruptly, magically, there they are, only a few feet away from the starboard side….The mother dwarfs our boat….The calf is nearly one-third her size….The mother uses her body as a natural breakwater for her calf, seeming to coax it toward the boat. Slowly, the baby makes the rounds of each person’s outstretched hands….It’s a […]

Whale Killers

I’ve about had it with Japan. Ever since a hard-fought moratorium on commercial whaling worldwide went into effect back in 1987, Japan (and Norway) have contined to hunt whales – and sell whale meat – under the guise of “scientific research.” Japan has since killed approximately 7,900 minke whales, 243 Bryde’s whales, 140 sei whales, […]

One Fisherman’s Lament

It’s a privilege to be the Action Fund’s “guest blogger” over these next 10 days. While a contributing editor for NRDC’s Amicus Journal (now OnEarth) for 18 years, I wrote about everything from toxic waste dumping on Native American lands to the devastating impact of high-tech fishing gear on our oceans. My first article in […]

Striper Wars by Dick Russell

– We have just finished reading Striper Wars, a new book by Dick Russell.  In addition to cataloging some of the environmental obstacles that striped bass must overcome if their population boom is to continue, Striper Wars relives some of events surrounding the crash of the striped bass population that took place in the late […]

Menhaden harvest at heart of dispute

Talk about a backlash! How would you like to be the underling at Omega Protein who advised the company to tough it out and make no concessions to sportsfishermen and conservationists in the purse-seining of menhaden in Chesapeake Bay? Bad advice. If it were me, I’d be writing resumes and searching the classifieds under “Help […]