The mafia, the coup and the murder

The authors respond to David Talbot’s review of “Ultimate Sacrifice.” We appreciate the serious coverage of “Ultimate Sacrifice” in, but there are several assertions and omissions in the review written by David Talbot that we’d like to address. “Ultimate Sacrifice” presents evidence from thousands of pages of declassified documents that John and Robert Kennedy […]

Case closed? A new book about the JFK assassination claims to finally solve the mystery.

Though you wouldn’t know it from following the media coverage, there have been new developments in the case during the past dozen years — many of them sparked by the thousands of once secret documents released by the government as a result of the furor around Stone’s film. (Millions of other pages remain bottled up […]

Fighting to Stay Alive

Striper Wars: An American Fish Story. Dick Russell. Island Press/Shearwater Books, Washington. DC, 2005. 288 pp. $26.95 (ISBN 1559636327, cloth). Make way, Clive Cussler and Nevada Barr. In Striper Wars: An American Fish Story, environmental journalist Dick Russell writes a page-turner of a natural history tale every bit as suspenseful as the best murder mystery. […]