Abuses of Power

A journalist based in Cancun1, upset over misdeeds committed by a pedophile, investigates the matter and publishes a book where she tells of more than one hundred little girls violated, in addition to providing a list of accusations against a wealthy businessman, a friend of the pederast. The businessman sues her in the State of Puebla for defamation and libel. The journalist ignores the action because she has never received a summons. A judge in Puebla issues an order for her arrest on grounds of contempt, which she is not notified of, to avoid a scandal (in the words of the Attorney General for the State of Puebla, which is governed by the Partido Revolucionario Institucional (PRI)). Judicial police coming from Puebla, with reinforcements in Quintana Roo, arrest her forcibly in her Cancun office on Friday, December 16. During the journey on the road to Puebla, their veiled threats make her fear for her life. A lady judge in Puebla commits her to prison for defaming the businessman. She pays bail and is released, conditionally.

In her book “Los Demonios de Eden: the Power Behind Pornography”, Lydia Cacho Ribeiro, a fighter for the protection and care for women and children victimized by violence, documented cases of child pornography involving Jean Succar Kuri. She also included testimony from various sources mentioning Kamil Nacif Borge2, a textile businessman known as “The King of Denim”, as one of the protectors of the pedophile (Jean Succar Kuri), now in prison in Arizona facing extradition proceedings. In an interview with the newspaper “La Jornada” Lydia Cacho spoke out accusingly: “What is happening to me now is happening to all journalists. They, the authorities, are telling us not to write about powerful people”.

Last week, by taking advantage of the black hole of the Christmas holidays, Martin Barrios Hernandez, president of the Commission for Human and Labor Rights of the Valle de Tehuacan, was arrested and accused of blackmailing the operator of a maquiladora, a sub-contractor of Kamel Nacif. Defenders of Lydia Cacho suspect that this is an attack on those who express solidarity with the journalist. Like Lydia Cacho, Barrios Hernandez never received a summons nor notification that he was being prosecuted.

From Guerrero, Elena Kahn, the founder of “Guerreros Verdes (Green Warriors)”, has written to us about latest events in the battle over the La Parota reservoir:3 “The Commission Federal de Energia has now found a way to handle the meetings without ejido commissioners, by holding meetings on the other side, getting a rat to organize and direct, so they don’t have to deal with the ejido and commune members, not even bothering with legalities. I can’t think because I’m so mad”. What she is saying is that the ejido of Los Huajes gave approval for the C.F.E. to start the paperwork for their lands to be expropriated for the construction of the hydroelectric dam La Parota. The site of the meeting where the voting was to take place was changed at the last moment to the hamlet Kilometro 21, and was held without the ejido members and the board of commissioners present. They were not informed and stayed in Los Huajes, waiting for the officials from the Procuraduria Agraria which had called the meeting. The media was prevented from attending and were only informed after the fact. They say that the attendees left town secretly until they reached the highway where they boarded buses rented by the C.F.E.. Among the voters were neighbors from other towns and ejidos, brought in by their leaders. When the leader of the Confederacion Nacional Campesina would call out the name of those in opposition voices in the room would called out, “he’s not coming”. The ejido members received 500 pesos for their expenses and 1,000 pesos after the vote. They say that the devil is in the details, so it is worth knowing the details of this fraudulent operation.

Afterwards, the commissioners of Los Huajes, about 100 ejido members and about 150 neighbors agreed that they would not recognize the expropriation. There was also a vote in favor of the expropriation of their lands by the ejido members of La Palma. 71 voted in favor, 19 against and 24 abstained, that is to say, 114 of the 260 ejido members of this farming center. The opposition protested that the meeting had not been opened up for non-ejido members to vote, so that only one hundred decided the fate of the one thousand people affected.

Those who opposed to the building of La Parota and condemned the way the meetings had been held expressed their disillusionment to Zeferino Torreblanca, governor of the State of Guerrero. He, being a candidate for the Partido de la Revolucion Democratica (PRD), let it be known that he would not support construction of the reservoir. A supposed defender of the poor and oppressed, he had just proposed an increase in his salary. The exact amount has not been revealed to the public. According to him, he will receive 148,400 pesos (approx. 14,840 dollars) a month, and not the 438,000 (approx 43,000) stated by a PRD deputy. Meanwhile the president elect of Bolivia, Evo Morales, announced that when he takes office January 22 next, he will reduce his salary, that of his cabinet, and the members of parliament by up to 50%. As leader of his country he will receive a monthly salary of $1,851, which is 13% of that of the Governor of Guerrero. But the people of Guerrero are much richer than the Bolivians, isn’t that true?

Now that the Christmas truce between the presidential armies is over, one hopes that the thieves now in power will control their larcenous impulses in this year of Hidalgo 2006.

1. Cancun. Interestingly Mayan word for “nest of serpents”.
2. Since this article was published taped telephone conversations between Kamel Nacif, the Governor of Puebla and others have appeared in the media. The conversations show that the governor and the Justice System of Puebla conspired against Lydia Cacho to please the governor’s friend Kamel Nacif. Other conversations between Kamel Nacif and others so far unknown reveal attempts to ensure not only imprisonment but also mistreatment including the bribing of a prison guard to permit Lydia Cacho to be raped by lesbians in her cell. This is now a nation-wide scandal.
3. La Parota is a hydroelectric project that expropriate 17,300 hectares (approx. 43,250 acres) in the State of Guerrero. It would do away with 22 communities and displace 25,000 people.