Gorton’s Parent Company Pulls Out of Whaling Business

Seafood Giant Felt Pressure from Consumers and Environmental Groups WASHINGTON- Following pressure from consumers and groups such as Greenpeace, the Humane Society of the United States, and the Environmental Investigation Agency, Nissui, parent company of seafood giant Gorton’s of Gloucester confirmed today its intentions to divest interests in Kyodo Senpaku, which owns and operates the […]

Healthy Skepticism, Sickening Signs

Anybody remember Pfiesteria hysteria? It was a raging crisis in the Chesapeake in 1997, when schools of menhaden pocked with sores went belly up in the Pocomoke River. The toxic dinoflagellate Pfiesteria piscicida was suspected of killing them, and of making people sick, too. Scientists and health officials swarmed in, concerned the affliction would spread. […]

Distinguished Mexican Artists and intellectuals from the Group of One Hundred Protest the Massacre of Seals in Canada

GRUPO DE LOS CIEN INTERNACIONAL Mr. Stephen Harper Prime Minister of Canada 80 Wellington Street Ottawa LIA 0A2, Canada Mr. Prime Minister, With indignation and sadness we are once again witnessing the massive killing of the young offspring of Arpa seals in Canada, one of the most cruel and systematic slaughters authorized by a “civilized” […]

We Ignore the U.N. Reports at Our Own Peril and Fiddle as the Earth Burns

A Commentary and Rant by Captain Paul Watson Every day we are assaulted by politicians and some media attacking us for being alarmists and accusing us of exaggerating the threats facing the environment and especially our concerns for biodiversity diminishment and human population growth. According to these voices of denial, the world is in great […]

A Tribute to Gordon Parks

photo by Toni Parks Gordon Parks 1912-2006 When I read the news last week that Gordon Parks had died in his New York City apartment, a deep sadness came over me. Not that, at the age of 93, his passing could be unexpected. Rather, that a giant of our times was gone, one of the […]

Mexican Land Boom Creates Commotion in Whale Nursery

LAGUNA SAN IGNACIO, Mexico, March 7 — This remote lagoon, surrounded by salt flats, mesas and desert, has been a sanctuary for gray whales for centuries. Adriana Zehbrauskas for The New York Times A gray whale pops up for air in Baja California, where advocates of tourism and the environment clash with those favoring heavier […]

Chesapeake’s Rockfish Overrun by Disease

Epidemic Hits Species Hailed for Revival, Then Weakened by Polluted Waters A wasting disease that kills rockfish and can cause a severe skin infection in humans has spread to nearly three-quarters of the rockfish in the Chesapeake Bay, cradle of the mid-Atlantic’s most popular game fish. The mycobacteriosis epidemic could carry profound implications for the […]

Whales behind Gorton’s ban in coast stores

Consumers looking for Gorton’s seafood will have limited access on the Mendocino Coast, where at least eight stores have emptied their shelves of the products environmental activists say are manufactured by a business with whaling ties. “Japanese parent company Nissui annually slaughters hundreds of whales,” said Cindy Arch, who is working with Susan Nutter and […]

Warmer Arctic Waters Forcing Animals North

A New Study Finds a Declining Food Supply for Large Marine Animals in Bering Sea The Bering Sea – which lies just south of the Arctic Circle between Russia and Alaska – is getting warmer, and the heat is already having a huge impact on marine wildlife there, say scientists in a study published today […]

Whales in the Way of Sonar

The debate over whether the Navy’s use of sonar to detect submarines is harming whales and other sound-sensitive species is back again. This time the battleground is the waters off the southeastern United States, where the Navy hopes to establish a training area for sailors who need to practice their sonar skills in a shallow […]