An encouraging response from H. Bruce Franklin


Thanks for all your great work here.

On the menhaden front, there are encouraging developments:

The Maryland House of Delegates may be about to lead us in the fight to save menhaden before it’s too late. A bill that is about to be reported out of the Rules Committee would ban the sale in Maryland of any product made from menhaden. The state’s attorney general has given the bill a green light, and there is strong support in the legislature. Omega’s representatives are telling the Maryland delegates that this would force them to shut down their Atlantic coast facilities. I doubt that one state’s action could do that, but if we get a movement going for the same legislation in other Atlantic states, this might indeed save the day.

I think this is a terrific idea. At a very minimum, it will raise public consciousness about the importance of menhaden, the crash of the population, and the insanity of the reduction industry.

A few hours ago, I learned that Maryland Governor O’Mally told people he has a copy of The Most Important Fish in the Sea and says, “I am now ready to pull out my sword” to defend menhaden.