Petition to Save the Monarch Butterflies

A petition is being circulated by the Center for Biological Diversity to have the monarch butterfly placed on the Endangered Species List. The more people sign, the better chance we have of saving this priceless and most beautiful of creatures. Click on the link to go to the petition. Meantime, my friend Homero Aridjis has […]

Dark Journalist

I recently did an interview by Skype with Daniel Liszt, who does the Dark Journalist series on YouTube. If you’re interested in my work on the Kennedy assassination, you’ll want to check it out. – Dick Russell Click here: CIA & JFK Assassination Revealed! Nagell – Oswald – Garrison: Dark Journalist & Dick Russell – […]

We The People with Jesse Ventura

On September 11, I was the guest of Jesse Ventura – with whom I’ve co-authored five books – on his weekly Podcast, “We the People.” We focused on the importance of uncovering the truth about what really happened on 9/11, given the new evidence coming out about the 28 pages the Bush Administration ordered deleted […]

Hitchhiking to the Edge of Sanity…

A documentary film A documentary film is in the works about my trek with photographer friend Steve Ewert across Europe Africa and the Middle East, from June 1970 – December 1971. We’ve been filmed extensively already in LA and in Chicago. Here is a link to filmmaker Scott Peterson’s Indiegogo site, with trailer, please check […]