My series on new JFK assassination files

Since the release of previously-unseen CIA and FBI files on the Kennedy assassination last fall, I’ve written four articles for the website concerning new revelations.   The two most recent articles relate to my book “The Man Who Knew Too Much” and the strange saga of Richard Case Nagell.   Here are the links: […]

Window Dressing: Exxon Reluctantly Crosses the Climate Threshold

My guest post today on the DeSmog Blog website. The day before President Trump made his decision to pull the U.S. out of the landmark Paris climate accord, ExxonMobil reluctantly crossed a climate threshold. A majority of shareholders, over 62 percent, voted in favor of America’s biggest oil company releasing detailed analyses of the risks that […]

The banks to contact about the Keystone XL pipeline funding

This article, with contact information, appeared in Yes! Magazine and the Nation of Change website today.  I felt it important enough to share here, in its entirety.  [NationofChange is reader-supported.  Donate or give monthly.] Of the more than 60 banks helping to finance the expansion of tar sands infrastructure, the indigenous-led environmental campaign Mazaska Talks […]