Underwater epidemic

Fish diseases are rampant. From red tide to white plague, from rapid-wasting disease to Pfiesteria hysteria, the aliens are among us. Peter J.S. Franks A spreading red tide, more than a mile off the coast of La Jolla, California, in April 1995. In our twentieth-century fiction the alien invasion may come directly from outer space […]

Hitting bottom

As trawling goes into high gear, undersea coastal habitat is being razed to the ground Imagine diving to the bottom of the ocean at Georges Bank, an extension of the Atlantic continental shelf some 120 miles offshore from the New England coast. Where the sea floor sinks from 50 to 100 meters deep, a vast […]

The World’s Fisheries: A State of Emergency – Part 2

The crisis comes home: Declining catches in New England and the Gulf Coast Fishing Communities Learn to Cope With Diminished Expectations in New England and Texas Gulf Coast 1. TEXAS GULF COAST: COMBATING HABITAT LOSS AND SHRIMPER ‘BYCATCH’ While about 75 percent of the one billion pounds of shrimp that Americans consume each year is […]

The World’s Fisheries: A State of Emergency – Part 1

Vacuuming the seas – the exploitative potential of commercial fishing Unprecedented Factory Fishing Operations Have Created a Global Crisis, As Species Dwindle and Catches DeclineAt sea 200 miles southwest of Iceland last summer, the crew of a super-trawler big enough to contain a dozen Boeing 747 jumbo jets unloaded a staggering 50 tons of oceanic […]