A King-Sized Conspiracy

Thirty years after the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the public is being led to believe that the case is definitely closed. James Earl Ray, the alleged killer died at age 70 last year of liver and kidney failure while imprisoned for the crime. A new book by Gerald Posner, Killing The Dream, […]

Spook Wars in Cyberspace

Is the FBI Railroading Charles Hayes? Why does the international dope trade just keep flourishing, even while major traffickers and their government protectors keep getting exposed and imprisoned? Well, it could just possibly be that the ones going to jail aren’t using the right computer software. Here’s another murky peek into the legendary PROMIS conspiracy.This […]

Non-Lethal Weapons

The year is 1997. A group of terrorists is holding hostages inside an American Embassy in Central America, and the President is receiving a Pentagon briefing on various options. What about hauling out the isotropic radiator? Fired from a conventional weapon, an explosive burst superheats a surrounding gaseous plasma and inspires a laserbright flash. For […]