Black Genius

For personal reasons (his), using personal accounts (others’), author profiles black achievers When Dick Russell started researching his new book, “Black Genius,” intended as a celebration of African-American achievements in fields ranging from the arts to science, the prospect of poring over biographies of his subjects and digging out secondhand interviews made it seem, he […]

Where the Land Meets the Sea

photo: James D. Watt / Earthviews Rachel Carson, best known for exposing the dangers of DDT in her classic Silent Spring, was also a keen observer of our coasts. “The shore is an ancient world, for as long as there has been an Earth and sea, there has been this place of the meeting of […]

Underwater epidemic

Fish diseases are rampant. From red tide to white plague, from rapid-wasting disease to Pfiesteria hysteria, the aliens are among us. Peter J.S. Franks A spreading red tide, more than a mile off the coast of La Jolla, California, in April 1995. In our twentieth-century fiction the alien invasion may come directly from outer space […]