No Justice and No Accountability

When Vicente Fox visited the offices of the Comite para la Proteccion de Periodistas (Committee for the Protection of Journalists, CPJ), he expressed approval of their proposal that a special prosecutor be appointed to investigate crimes against freedom of expression. He stated that this would be “a strong and positive step forward”. However, five weeks […]

Owners to limit growth at oasis

Baja deal would mark an unusual alliance It is one of Mexico’s most remote regions, a vast landscape of water and earth where migratory birds feed, mangroves thrive and gray whales migrate to breed and bear their young. For years, conservation groups from both sides of the border have fought to preserve the Laguna San […]

Striper Wars

In his chronicle of the decades-long fight to save the striped bass, Dick Russell offers a first-hand account of the interplay of politics, public relations, and litigation that are present in all environment battles. The story of striped bass is also the story of Storm King mountain, the Westway Project, and Riverkeeper. It’s about George […]

Navy sued over harm to whales from mid-frequency sonar

Simple precautions could protect majestic creatures LOS ANGELES (October 19, 2005) – Ear-splitting sonar used throughout the world’s oceans during routine testing and training by the United States Navy harms marine mammals in violation of bedrock environmental laws, according to a lawsuit filed here today in federal court. Whales, dolphins and other marine animals could […]

Pombo sponsors resolution to help boost Makah whaling effort

WASHINGTON – The House Resources Committee on Wednesday gave a boost to the Makah Tribe’s bid to resume whale hunting off the coast of Washington state. The panel approved a nonbinding resolution urging the Bush administration to uphold whaling rights guaranteed to the tribe under an 1855 treaty with the federal government. The resolution, sponsored […]

Liquefied Natural Disaster?

Maybe there will be one up side to Katrina and Rita’s recent roaring up the Gulf of Mexico – rethinking whether to site an open-loop Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) terminal off Louisiana’s Southeast coast. Back in July, a coalition of fishermen and environmental groups calling themselves the “Gumbo Alliance for Safe LNG” came together to […]