Russian Roulette with Bird Flu

As of February 23, 2006, the bird flu virus has been reported in 34 countries. Of the 170 humans infected by H5N1 92 have died. The virus has been reported in Germany, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Cambodia, China, The Republic of Korea, Croatia, Egypt, Slovakia, France, Geogia, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, […]

Navy’s Plans for Sonar Facility Challenged

Danger Posed to Whales Is Cited The civilian agency in charge of marine issues has sharply challenged the Navy’s plans to build an underwater sonar training range in the Atlantic Ocean, saying that the military significantly underestimated the danger posed to whales and other marine mammals and that the science the Navy used to reach […]

How Far Can Hate Go?

Hans Magnus Enzenberger considered Islam to be the only violent movement capable of acting globally. Moderate Muslims feel that a radical minority seeks to speak for them. The fuse coming out of Mohammed’s turban has set the Muslim world on fire. The controversy unleashed by the publication of twelve caricatures of the prophet Mohammed on […]