Princeton Scientists Create Vote-Stealing Program for Diebold AccuVote-TS

Researchers reveal “extremely serious” vulnerabilities in e-voting machines. In a paper published on the Web today, a group of Princeton computer scientists said they created demonstration vote-stealing software that can be installed within a minute on a common electronic voting machine. The software can fraudulently change vote counts without being detected. “We have created and […]

Offshore Marine Waters to Remain Closed to Striped Bass Fishing

After carefully examining a proposal to re-open offshore marine waters in the Atlantic Ocean for striped bass fishing, NOAA has announced it will maintain the 1990 federal closure. NOAA closed marine areas between three and 200 miles offshore to recreational and commercial striped bass fisheries to complement a rebuilding plan instituted in 1981 by the […]

Revolt of the Elders

  Where sprawl meets rangeland, a GOP warhorse sets out to save his party from itself by Dick Russell, Mother Jones, Sept-Oct, 2006 “Don’t be under any illusions that I’m a great man,” Pete McCloskey insisted, his steel-blue eyes fixed on his interlocutor. “I’m just pissed off.” It was mid-May, three weeks before the Republican […]