Death on the high seas

I first tasted whale almost 10 years ago in the Faroe Islands. An unhappy hunter was getting drunk on one side of me, telling me about his urge to kill the largest creatures in the sea, and a secondary school headmaster who ran the islands’ whaling association was kicking his shins under the table trying […]

‘Favor’ shows pain of give and take

BY NEDDA G. DE ANHALT El Universal – October 13, 2006 Special to The Herald MexicoIn her early 30s, director Eva Aridjis has moved into the forefront of Mexican independent film. Having accomplished such acclaimed short features as “Taxidermy: The Art of Imitating Life” (1999), “Billy Twist” (2000), “The Passenger” (2001) and her widely acclaimed […]

A report on the IV International Media Forum on the Protection of Nature

Protection of Nature, Protection of Health For a second year, I was invited to attend a gathering of environmental journalists from around the globe, sponsored by the Greenaccord organization, with some 50 countries represented this fall. For four days, we listened to scientific experts who focused on urban air pollution, climate change and health, chemical […]

Will the Next Election Be Hacked?

Fresh disasters at the polls – and new evidence from an industry insider – prove that electronic voting machines can’t be trusted. Read Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s “Was the 2004 Election Stolen?” in the June 15th, 2006, issue of “Rolling Stone,” his investigation into how Republicans prevented more than 350,000 voters in Ohio from casting […]

Piety and Politics: Have We Forgotten Christ’s Message?

The Bush administration regards itself as deeply religious.  The piety is open and explicit, because President Bush has declared Christ to be his most important moral teacher, and he occasionally undertakes “humility offensives” by acknowledging errors of judgment.  The same advocacy of Christian morals can be seen in many other members of current US political […]