Pombo Loses!

“Rep. Richard Pombo’s loss represents the most significant electoral victory the environmental movement has seen in decades. It should now be clear to all that we have the political strength to take on and defeat extreme anti-environmental politicians, even powerful chairmen of congressional committees. “Pombo’s defeat also serves as notice that extreme anti-environmental positions can […]

If Global Warming Is An “Emergency” Then Let’s Act Like It’s An Emergency

Why I Helped Occupy the Entrance to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration On Monday, October 23rd, at exactly 8 a.m., a dozen global warming activists – some arriving on foot, some in a rented truck – converged outside of Washington, D.C., and promptly occupied a main entrance to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, […]

Whaling fleet boss to defy ban and sell to Japanese

The owner of the Icelandic whaling company that has killed seven endangered fin whales despite an international outcry said yesterday he was now going to export the meat to Japan in defiance of a trade ban. Kristjan Loftsson, the chief executive of the whaling company Hvalur, told The Daily Telegraph that there was “no problem” […]

‘Only 50 years left’ for sea fish

By Richard Black, Environment correspondent BBC News website – Nov. 2, 2006There will be virtually nothing left to fish from the seas by the middle of the century if current trends continue, according to a major scientific study. Stocks have collapsed in nearly one-third of sea fisheries, and the rate of decline is accelerating. Writing […]

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

An expanded version of an interview with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. that appeared in The Progressive, November 2006. I met up with Robert Kennedy Jr. on the first day of summer 2006 at San Francisco State University, where he was attending the Eighth Annual Waterkeeper Alliance Conference, a meeting of more than 150 Waterkeeper Allianceleaders. […]

Republican-to-English Dictionary

In case you’ve been having trouble recently in deciphering speeches and news reports: alternative energy sources n. New locations to drill for gas and oil. bankruptcy n. A means of escaping debt available to corporations but not to poor people. “burning bush” n. A biblical allusion to the response of the President of theUnited States, […]