Rome Redux: US to consider recruiting foreign troops

According to an article in the Boston Globe the US military is considering opening recruiting stations abroad as a way to expand the army strength. New recruits would be offered expedited citizenship as an incentive. This is significantly different than what we currently do in offering resident aliens the ability to gain fast-track citizenship — […]

Sonar Hearing SF

A good turn out of grassroots activists, important public testimony by experts and just plain sperts, plus 2,900 e-mails helped turn the tide against the US Navy before the California Coastal Commission this morning (Friday, Dec. 15th) in San Francisco. The CCC voted unanimously, much to the Navy’s stated annoyance, to refrain from approving a […]

House Approves Overhaul of Rules for Fisheries

Congress yesterday passed the broadest overhaul of the rules that govern the U.S. fishing industry in a decade, with provisions instructing fishery managers to adhere strictly to scientific advice so as not to deplete the ocean. The final language of the Magnuson-Stevens Act, which passed the Senate on Thursday and the House early yesterday, was […]

DFG Arrests 14 Suspects in Targeted Raids on Striped Bass Poaching Operations

Department of Fish and Game (DFG) wardens today arrested 14 suspects during targeted raids on illegal striped bass poaching operations in the Bay-Delta region. Concluding a two-month poaching investigation, wardens served four search warrants in Sacramento and Elk Grove to make the arrests, interviewed 35 other people and seized five sport-fishing vessels. “These cases represent […]