Berlin Story

Berlin Story By WENDY LESSER The New York Times Sunday Book Review, March 15, 2009 First novels by young writers who see the world with a fresh, original vision and write about it with clarity and restraint are rare enough to begin with. When you add in the fact that Chloe Aridjis’ “Book of Clouds” […]

Archetypal Psychologies: Reflections in Honor of James Hillman

Archetypal Psychologies: Reflections in Honor of James Hillman Edited by Stanton Marlan ISBN: 978-1-882670-54-3 524 pp. Price: $32.95 This unique collection of essays was inspired by the wide-ranging work of James Hillman. In keeping with the “polytheistic” spirit of archetypal psychology, Hillman’s writings have enriched the entire spectrum of our cultural imagination, challenging thinkers in […]

The Warning

For the past six months, I’ve been assisting a production team in putting together a new, web-based documentary called “The Warning.” It’s a very timely film, which incorporates interviews with five prominent authors – Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Naomi Klein, Joe Conason, Naomi Wolf, and Chris Hedges – concerning the perilous pass that American democracy […]

Striper Wars: An American Fish Story

STRIPED BASS have a way of attracting both attention and controversy. Popular with Atlantic coast sport and commercial fishermen, stripers have been catalysts for many landmark conservation and environmental regulations over the years. In Striper Wars: An America Fish Story, Dick Russell describes the fight that sport fishermen, marine biologists and other advocates have put […]