Two Films

I’d like to urge everyone to watch these two short documentary-style films, both around 15 minutes in length. “One of These Mornings” was created by Valery Lyman, a remarkable young film-maker whom I’ve known since she was a child. The subject is Election Day 2008, when Barack Obama became president of the United States. Valery had asked many friends and acquaintances, including myself, to call her that momentous day and leave messages about how we felt after voting. I think you’ll find her combination of images with the voices-of-the-people inspiring. More than a year later, it brought tears to my eyes several times. Click on this link: One of These Mornings.

The other film is an interview with a longtime close friend of mine, Ross Gelbspan, an award-winning journalist who has written two books on climate change (“The Heat Is On” and “Boiling Point.”) Ross has been sounding the alarm about the planetary crisis for more fifteen years, and this film with him speaks directly to what we must do to prepare for a very uncertain future. I think you’ll find it compelling, sobering, and timely viewing – something we all need to think about, especially in terms of what our children and grandchildren will be facing. Click on this link: The Heat Is Online.

Dick Russell