Skyhorse Publishing Launches New Investigative Book Imprint

Hot Books will feature “fearless authors” on the most burning topics

I’ve recently gotten involved in working with my primary publisher, Tony Lyons, and my writer friend David Talbot in a new venture, one that I hope will have a major impact on exposing stories that have been ignored by the mainstream media. My first book, to be co-authored with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., will focus on climate change. Here is the press release about “Hot Books”

Dick Russell


Tony Lyons, president of Skyhorse Publishing, and David Talbot, the founder of Salon, announced a partnership today to launch Hot Books, a new Skyhorse book imprint that will publish investigative books on controversial issues. Skyhorse will be joining with Salon to create a co-branded digital platform for Hot Books.

Hot Books will seek to ignite national debate on the most urgent problems facing the country, filling the investigative gap left by newspapers and magazines as they cut their budgets for in-depth reporting. Hot Books will feature prominent authors, as well as up and coming literary voices – writers who are not only experts in their fields, but courageous when it comes to exploring the flammable subjects that much of the media avoids.

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