Tomorrow’s the day – Wednesday the 18th, 10 AM Eastern time – Scott Pruitt faces a Senate committee to answer questions about his nomination to head the Environmental Protection Agency.  It’s time to call your state’s elected senators and make it known that this will be a disaster for the environment.

A new opinion poll of close to 10,000 individuals, released today by the Reuters news agency, shows that over 60 percent of Americans want to see the EPA preserved or strengthened under Trump.  Significantly, people also want to see oil drilling on public lands either hold steady or drop, and that includes Republicans.

A Republican who headed the EPA under George H.W. Bush, William K. Reilly, just said in an interview for Yale Environment 360:  “There has never been a more explicit and opposing interpretation of the authority and responsibility of EPA by an EPA nominee. Scott Pruitt has petitioned to reverse President Obama’s Clean Power rule to reduce CO2 from electric generating plants. These account for about a third of U.S. carbon dioxide emissions, and so the rule is one of the major pillars of the U.S. effort to avert catastrophic climate change. I have submitted a legal brief vigorously disputing Pruitt’s interpretation of the law and the very role of EPA on climate.”

Reilly also said: “For a prospective EPA administrator to doubt or even contest a conclusion that 11 national academies of science have embraced is willful political obstruction. By all reports, Scott Pruitt is a highly intelligent lawyer and he has cited no alternative scientific authority that disputes mainstream science. Science is the secular religion underlying everything EPA does, and one who cannot rely on it, or is determinedly contemptuous of it, cannot effectively lead the agency or serve as the country’s environmental conscience, which is EPA’s unique mission.”

Here’s where Pruitt’s head-in-the-sand approach comes from, as the conservative Wall Street Journal put it on Monday:  “Two PACs linked to Pruitt have taken hundreds of thousands from energy companies as he sued EPA on their behalf:”

The New York Times had a front page story (January 15, 2017) about Pruitt as Oklahoma’s Attorney General having “taken tens of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from executives and lawyers for the poultry industry….one of a series of instances in which Mr. Pruitt put cooperation with industry before confrontation as he sought to blunt the impact of federal environmental policies in his state – against oil, gas, agriculture, and other interests.  His antipathy to federal regulation – he sued the Environmental Protection Agency 14 times – in many ways defined  his tenure….”

This man will roll back the clock at a time when it’s rapidly ticking toward irreversible climate change that will impact humanity for generations.  Make those calls to your Senators today!