I welcome responses to what I’m writing in this column, and over the past couple of days have received what I feel are three letters powerful enough to share with my readers.  What strikes me is that they are all basically saying the same thing.  Thoughts for the day:

RICHIE:   I see a new ice age!  The USA is being covered once again by the ice of frozen hearts and minds. There is no longer a way to appeal to people on a human common sense humanitarian level.  The ice is up to the border where people are facing a wall not only external but internal.  No one really gives a shit.

Here in Mexico I can continue to live in a world based on personal relationships.  Granted there are hurdles, but the U.S. is cold and out to be whites only, clean, hypocritically Christian, and upper class, and bottom class. Billionaires only!

All animals are equal. Bullshit like Fareed Zakaria has said.
To quote Orwell, Animal Farm, “The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.”  It was the last sentence in the book.
Democrats are over! Time for another party.  How do we start?

JESSIE:  ….Time for Democrats to get down and dirty and street fight the Republicans.  It is not Democrats who have lost touch, it is the people of our country if they think that DT is the answer to their prayers. Look deeper, pray harder, speak with Truth, anything to preserve our democracy for our children and grand children. Under this regime they are likely to be become the slaves of the 1%, uneducated, conditioned, lost souls, forever looking for something that was the beauty , the faith, the love of our country’s creation, called democracy.

 MARK:  This is a defining if not final battle for the soul of America.  Though we get lulled into the illusion that it’s all happening somewhere else, in the world of politics, terrorists and treachery, there are no innocent bystanders.  We are all in it, whether we choose to be or not.  Not just close to home but within us.

This is not politics, there is no new normal.  It is an attack on everything this country stands for, everything I believe in, everything I love.  There are no solutions until we are all ready to fight – yes, for God and country redefined in living color.  That’s our job and our destiny.

No matter how long you think you can sit on the sidelines.