A crackdown on our First Amendment right to protest: message from Greenpeace

  Your constitutional right to peaceful assembly is under attack. Stand up for free speech and the right to protest! Every Greenpeace supporter should be alarmed. Huge and growing marches and demonstrations have shown lawmakers that our resistance to Trump’s anti-climate, anti-justice agenda is gaining momentum. And behind the scenes, they are taking action to […]


You are probably familiar with the children’s book series Where’s Waldo?   It actually dates back to the late 1980s in England, where the original title was Where’s Wally?   Anyway, the key to the books – and later the movies and games – is that despite his relatively easy-to-recognize red-and-white striped shirt and hat and glasses, […]


Okay Donald, the cat’s out of the bag.  It wasn’t so bad when, toward the end of last month, the Guardian printed quite a lengthy take on the billionaire behind Breitbart and Bannon, not to mention Brexit and (just to keep the alliteration going) Big Boy Bouffant as well. Now, however, Jane Mayer – author of […]

“Urban Romulus” by Romeo Keyes

The following article, “Urban Romulus: How the Myths Have Shaped My Life,” appears in a new online mythological journal called Immanence.  It’s written by a young African-American from south-central LA, Romeo Keyes, who I’ve been mentoring for the past year-and-a-half.  He is a remarkable writer and knows more about myth than anyone I’ve ever met.  […]