A Heck of a Fish Story

It’s hard for anglers not to be awed by striped bass. You can catch them in the East River alongside Manhattan, out in the middle of Nantucket Sound, all the way up the Kennebec River where it runs fresh in central Maine, and even in northern New Brunswick, where they share the Miramichi River with […]

Striper Wars: An American Fish Story

STRIPED BASS have a way of attracting both attention and controversy. Popular with Atlantic coast sport and commercial fishermen, stripers have been catalysts for many landmark conservation and environmental regulations over the years. In Striper Wars: An America Fish Story, Dick Russell describes the fight that sport fishermen, marine biologists and other advocates have put […]

Comeback story might not have happy ending after all

Stripers face potential crisis Is the marine comeback species of the late 20th century getting in trouble again? Two authors who have written extensively about striped bass sounded an alarm during separate appearances at recent fishing shows in Massachusetts, Marlborough’s Fly Fishing show and the Eastern Fishing and Outdoor Exposition in Worcester. Dick Russell speculates […]

Fighting to Stay Alive

Striper Wars: An American Fish Story. Dick Russell. Island Press/Shearwater Books, Washington. DC, 2005. 288 pp. $26.95 (ISBN 1559636327, cloth). Make way, Clive Cussler and Nevada Barr. In Striper Wars: An American Fish Story, environmental journalist Dick Russell writes a page-turner of a natural history tale every bit as suspenseful as the best murder mystery. […]

Battling for Bass

Striped bass are so ubiquitous these days, so readily available from shore or boat, that many anglers probably can’t imagine an ocean without them. Yet that was just the case a little more than 20 years ago, when the East Coast population of stripers was so depleted that many experts feared the species would become […]

Striper Wars

In his chronicle of the decades-long fight to save the striped bass, Dick Russell offers a first-hand account of the interplay of politics, public relations, and litigation that are present in all environment battles. The story of striped bass is also the story of Storm King mountain, the Westway Project, and Riverkeeper. It’s about George […]

The Fight to Save the Oceans is Just Beginning

He’s a veteran journalist and activist. He recently appeared at North Cover Outfitters, in Old Saybrook, for a slide presentation and book signing of his latest work, Striper Wars: An American Fish Story (Island Press). He’s Dick Russell. This is what Russell had to say about Striper Wars: “Actually, the book is twofold. One is […]

Labor of love thrives on the Chesapeake Bay

I can recall the days nearly a half century ago when around Labor Day weekend, fishermen of the upper bay started to think about putting their boats up for the season. There weren’t that many blues and sea trout around, hardheads were just about gone, perch weren’t nearly as plentiful as in recent years and […]

Fervent ‘Striper’ may catch your fancy

If you thought that animals had to reach the level of your household dog or parrot on the evolutionary ladder to have appreciable brains, ”Striper Wars” will surprise you. Striped bass that once have escaped a fisherman’s hook learn from experience: If caught again, they’ll dive and scramble to wrap the line around a rock […]