An American Fish Story

Under the surface of the Bay, yesterday’s success story can turn into today’s failure I went to an interesting lecture the other night at the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, featuring a fella named Dick Russell who just wrote a book called Striper Wars: An American Fish Story. Dick Russell is an unassuming amateur naturalist who grew […]

Fishy politics under water

Author and conservation activist Dick Russell’s last book, “Eye of the Whale,” told the story of the decimation and recovery of the California gray whale. He’s switched coasts to recount the efforts in the 1980s to bring back striped bass from near extinction along the Atlantic coast. This could be a dry tract on conservation, […]

Review: Striper Wars

The environment is one of those issues that can put to sleep the most troubled insomniac. Full of statistics, scientific jargon, and the kind of flora and fauna one would only expect to find at about 2 a.m. on the Discovery Channel, it’s hard for us to get excited about it. We know that we […]

Fisheries management work never done

Catch: Recent success with rockfish is now endangered by pollution and the decline of the menhaden population.ON SEPT. 11, 1984, Maryland stunned the East Coast fishing community with a long-term ban on catching striped bass, or rockfish. “I knew that day we were going to win,” says Dick Russell, author of Striper Wars (Island Press, […]

The fall and rise of a great game fish

STRIPER WARS An American Fish Story DICK RUSSELL could not have picked a more appropriate title for his splendid account of the conflicts that have been waged on many and varying battlefields over the most popular, most controversial and perhaps greatest inshore game fish of the Atlantic Coast. Known in Chesapeake Bay country and in […]

‘Striper Wars’… They’ll never end

Interest in striped bass fishing is incredible. People pour into the hobby. The annual East Bay Angler January fishing seminar plays to full houses every year. That’s 600 people! Readers of these papers have seen that local striped bass fishing has never been better. Nevertheless, in the past several months, bright-eyed, sincere people have tried […]

Striper Wars by Dick Russell

– We have just finished reading Striper Wars, a new book by Dick Russell.  In addition to cataloging some of the environmental obstacles that striped bass must overcome if their population boom is to continue, Striper Wars relives some of events surrounding the crash of the striped bass population that took place in the late […]

Striper Wars

“Striper Wars, An American Fish Story,” is the latest book by talented environmental writer Dick Russell, and was just released only a month ago. It is an absolute “must read” for any striped bass fishermen. I’m not kidding; there is so much to learn through these 316 pages that when you’re done, you might feel […]

Up the Creek

Anyone who fishes for stripers, or who is interested in the history of striped bass conservation needs to get a copy of Dick Russell’s new book, “Striper Wars, An American Fish Story.” This 358-page, illustrated $26.95 hard cover book from Island Press, ISBN 1-55963-632-7, is a history of the fight to save a species, told […]

Fishing for the Future

Striper Wars: An American Fish Story. Dick Russell. x + 358 pp. Island Press, 2005. $26.95. Can a book about a single species or genus of fish teach us more about ourselves and our interrelationships with our environment than it does about that fish? “Yes” is the answer suggested by a rapidly growing literary genre […]