From the Monarch to the Sea of Cortez

Case: Illegal Logging. Sanctuary: Monarch Butterfly. Agency: Mayor’s Office of Angangueo, Michoacan. File: Environmental Crime. Those were the headings on the dossier sent June 4 by the authorities in Anganguero to the Attorney-General of the Republic to protest the devastating logging in the center of the Biosphere reserve for the Monarch Butterflies. What is shocking […]

Twilight of the Monarchs

Although in Contepec, Michoacan we always witnessed the arrival of monarch butterflies at Cerro Altamirano each November and their departure in March, it wasn’t until 1976that a Canadian “discovered” the monarch’s winter sanctuaries in Mexico (just as Christopher Columbus “discovered” the New World), and revealed to us that the butterflies fly from southern Canada and […]

Butterflies in the Storm

The Presidents came to visit, the photographs were taken, the official decrees were issued, ministers and governors came and went, promises were offered, the photographs were taken, the loggers continued to devastate, and the butterfly, ay! he went on dying. The situation of the sanctuaries of the monarch butterfly could be synthesized in this paraphrase […]